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Mods and Time Slips
Current Modifications are:
-Holley Power Shot air filter**
-modified Ram Air box*
-descreened MAF sensor
-MSD 8.5mm wires
-Hurst short-throw shifter
-Firestone Firehawk SZ50EP 275/40ZR17 tires
-new clutch*

*was not installed at the time of my 1st track runs.
**K&N was installed instead of the Holley air filter.

Best passes:
All of these times were done at Texas Raceway in Kennedale. (track is only an 1/8 of mile long) I only post my three best passes.

Here are the time slips from my second trip to the track. Mods where the same, except I had my K&N air filter in instead of my Holley, b/c it was dirty.

R/T = .685
60ft = 2.527
330ft = 6.311
1/8 ET = 9.401
1/8 MPH = 78.81

2nd pass:
R/T = .790
60ft = 2.654
330ft = 6.414
1/8 ET = 9.476
1/8 MPH = 79.63

3rd pass:
R/T = 1.133
60ft = 2.583
330ft = 6.383
1/8 ET = 9.481
1/8 MPH = 78.80

These timeslips where disappointing. As you can tell from my 60ft times, I could not hook to save my life. My reaction times improved greatly (I even got a .558 that yielded only a 10.6 ET due to a 3.048 60ft!), but with no traction it did not do any good. As you can tell my MPH improved as well, so my car is making more power. I think I could have hit 80MPH easily, and with some DR's been in the high 8's. The temperature was in the 40's I believe.

Other timeslips:

This was my first time to drive down the strip, so I expect to get into the high 8's soon. I *tried* launching at 2000 RPMs, but I was nervous and it was probably more like 2200-2500 RPMs. I was shifting right at redline. The last thing I need to do is bend some pushrods. I never missed any shifts the whole night, but I did forget to turn my A/C off. Again, I was a little nervous with it being my first time driving my own car at the track. It should also be noted that all of these passes were done with a weak clutch. (72k miles on it.)

Current best:
R/T = .945
60ft = 2.286
330ft = 6.081
1/8 ET = 9.249
1/8 MPH = 76.54

2nd best:
R/T = 1.014
60ft = 2.271
330ft = 6.123
1/8 ET = 9.312
1/8 MPH = 75.86
this race was against a 2001 ZO6 Vette that ran a best of 8 flat. On this run he got a 8.427 @ 90.39. His 60ft time was 2.309, so I had him off the line only to be spanked shortly after.

3rd best:
R/T = .779
60ft = 2.324
330ft = 6.132
1/8 ET = 9.327
1/8 MPH = 76.54

My reaction times and 60ft times are killing me. I spun off the line on all of these runs, and my tires are fairly new. Firehawks are great street tires, but they were struggling to find traction on the tarmac.