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Latest updates:


I've had a pretty good summer so far. I've fixed a few small things on the T/A, and have taken advantage of the nice summer weather to do some topless driving. Lately I've been really looking forward to the release of the upcoming Pontiac GTO. I'm very serious about getting one as soon as I get out of college. I've still got a few years to go though, and I'll still have my eye out for my ultimate dream car... a bright red Corvette.


I've had to cancel my dyno run due to time constraints. My college finals are coming up, and I really need to study this weekend. Also my car may be in the body shop on Saturday. I would like to try to get it dynoed sometime this summer.

-Joshua <><


My car will be getting dynoed on 4/20. I wanted to get the car dynoed so I can see what kind of gains each mod gives me later on. Speedworks is hosting the dyno-day, and the people at Corvette Forum are sponsering it. It should be alot of fun, and of course I will post the results.

I got into a small accident last week, but luckily the car only suffered minor damage. It had been raining really hard, and a gentleman bumped me while I was yielding. The bumper's a little scratched and bent. I hope its not in the shop too long.

-Joshua <><


Spring has arrived, finally! F-bodies are apart of summer just like baseball and picnics.

I have decided against looking for a new car. Money wise, it is better for me to keep the one I have, and I really think I would regret ever selling my current T/A now that I have it running really strong. Not much has been going on, but I will continue to keep this place up to date.

I got some runs in at the track, you can see them on the Mods/Timeslips page. I've decided that the T/A is going to retire from drag racing for awhile.
Reason 1: I can't afford to break anything righ now.
Reason 2: The car does not have any significant mods that would greatly improve its performance.
Reason 3: I suck at launching.
Reason 4: Tires are expensive.
Reason 5: I'm going to become more involved with a F body club, and start going to shows more often.
Reason 6: I may not keep the car as long as I had anticipated.

Don't get me wrong, I love the car, and would like to keep it forever, but I may need to upgade to a newer F-body since it will be my only car. If I find a good price on an LS1 then I will look at my options. I have some equity in my car right now that would make it easier to upgrade. This will only happen if the opportunity presents itself.



I replaced the speakers by the rear seats that were blown out. I bought the stock ones, which I know supposedly suck, but they sound great when they aren't busted. North Texas has been blessed with 70 degree temperatures so the T-tops have been off the past few days. I love it! I plan on changing out my break pads next week. I also plan on making a trip to the track on Feb. 7th. I'll post my timeslips as soon as I get them.


I finally got my car back today with a new clutch. It drives much, much better now, and I did not realize how much a weak clutch would slow a car down. The T/A feels WAY faster. I can't wait to get her to the track and break into the high 8's(1/8th mile) with a decent launch. The clutch engages quicker now, so it took me awhile to get the hang of it. I had Team Pro Automotive in Sunnyvale, Texas do the install, and I HIGHLY recommend them. If your F-body needs some work done, these guys know these cars well. You can contact them at 972-203-TEAM. I also had them fix the intake leak that the LT1's are notorious for, back in October.

With all of the maintanence stuff out of the way, I can start to really save up for performance upgrades.

-Joshua <><